Jim Palmer

Jim Palmer performs, teaches and writes music for the harp. He is also a harp technician, providing mechanical repairs and regulations.

He is a recording engineer, operating an on-location recording service, Reel Recording, specializing in taping live performances. These tapes can be converted to CD and duplicated.

In addition, he performs on the Indian sitar and sarod, giving concerts and workshops on The Music of India. There is a sample of him playing sarangi here.

Sheet Music and CDs

Sheet music for harp (Harpistic Publications) and CDs of harp and Indian music are available for sale on this site. You can view samples of the sheet music as well as listen to tracks from the CDs before you buy.

Select sheet music also available for direct download at Sheet Music Plus.

Recent sheet music – The Well Tempered Harp (Clavier) Prelude No. 7, Golden Oldies for Harp, The Mysterious Barricades By Francois Couperin arranged for 2 or more harps, and Sonatine for Harp – 3 movements, original composition (harp solo). Visit the shop for the song list for the Golden Oldies book, and samples of all four.

You can now order his latest CDs, Romantic Music for Harp and Golden Oldies for Harp.

Now available on CD for the first time – Lothlorien’s two albums, Lothlorien from 1980 and Spaces from 1984. Listen to samples and order here.



1960 Australian built English Ford

For sale: Aoyama Delphi Concert Grand Harp, Pair of Neumann KM 131 condenser mics, omnidirectional. See this page for more information.